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The Finn is a highly productive sheep.  The rams are active breeders, covering as many as 10 in season ewes per day or 75 to 100 ewes per season.  Though the Finn Lamb has a small birth size, the average daily gain is often comparable to that of lambs of other breeds.  According to Finn Breeders, a crop of Finn lambs will have an average daily gain of

.29 kg/day (.64 lb/day).  In 1986, 29 pure Finns on Canada's ROP program gained an average of .32 kg/day (.7 lb/day) between 50 and 100 days.

On the hoof, the Finn lamb doesn't look like a meat breed, in the carcass, it does.  Since the modern consumer prefers lean meat, the demand by lamb processors is for a leaner lamb carcass.  The Finnsheep fulfills this demand, producing as it does a lean, meaty carcass that, in the words of our local buyer, "hangs well".  Used in crossbreeding programs, the Finn contributes leanness to the lamb carcasses of breeds that otherwise might finish too fat, and helps to downsize the lamb carcasses of breeds that finish too heavy to meet the market.

Brightbank Finnsheep produces free range, all natural, and hormone free lamb, supplemented with natural grains

Among breeds using Finnsheep as part of their genetic makeup:

Rideau Arcott

Canadian Arcott

British Milk Sheep


If you would like more lambs and more profit choose Finnsheep!